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Sunrise Healing Center is here to provide you with comprehensive pain management, while helping reduce the stresses on your body, without the use of prescription medications, or invasive surgeries. Our alternative approach, which includes soft tissue reconstruction, postural alignment, and other therapies such as hydro, physio and light therapy, are here to get you back on your feet from underlying pathologies and debilitating injuries. We include custom exercise regimens and nutritional models to offer multiple keys for unlocking discomfort. Pre-existing conditions are also maintained with the help of our services that aid in immunity boosting, nerve conduction, and circulation improvement. As well as bringing you the rehabilitation you deserve, it's also our mission to provide a safe and compassionate environment during your treatments with us. We take most medical insurances, and motor vehicle accident claims.


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Located in Jefferson Westside Neighborhood

Our commercial home provides a comforting atmosphere for a better quality of healthcare.