Sunrise Healing Center

Chiropractic Adjustments


Chiropractic Adjustments

The Chiropractic Philosophy states:
The human body needs proper alignment in order for all of its systems to function and flow properly. If stress or injury impairs these structures, the role of these systems become imbalanced.

The values within chiropractic are that the body has an innate intelligence of its own to heal itself, as well as the universal intelligence that it's surrounded by. Innate intelligence still requires us to receive essential nutrients, offer our bodies proper circulatory and nervous system flow, and give ourselves a restful space to allow our bodies to heal and perform better.

Universal intelligence is the order of the universe and the environment in which all elements give life. Without one of these main elements, there is no life. Without air we cannot breathe, without water we cannot flow, without earth we cannot function. and without the sun we cannot thrive


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